Internet Routing Structure Most Vulnerable

Internet Routing Structure Most VulnerableCybersecurity expert Peter Sommer of the London School of Economics warns nations against following Pentagon’s lead of developing a military division to defend against cyber threats in recent article at NewScientist website. “The military can only defend its own networks not the private-sector critical networks we all depend on for gas, water, electricity and banking, making such military efforts a waste of taxpayers’ money.” Sommer, co-author of a very readable new report, “Reducing Systemic Cybersecurity Risk“, advises governments should quit panicking and take a disciplined approach. It’s, possibly, time to sit up and take notice when advice is coming from the author of “The Hacker’s Handbook,” first published in 1985.

The report casts doubt whether cyberwarfare will ever have global significance on a scale, of say, a pandemic or a bank run. Sommer feels it’s more likely attacks on the internet’s routing structure will cause pockets of misery at the local level. PricewaterhouseCoopers security manager Jay Abbott, also, believes the routing structure is vulnerable. “Short of physically cutting the wires, it’s the best way to take down a country from the internet.” It makes an interesting read to take in opinions of cybersecurity experts.

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    This is ridiculous. Why are they spending too much attention and effort on this? There may be a small number of people abusing the usage of internet connection but it doesn't mean all of the people using it are abusive!

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