interview w/ reverend billy on mountaintop revival

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interview w/ reverend billy on mountaintop revivalthe last two weeks have been a dark time for west virginia. on april 5th, an explosion at the upper big branch mine in montcoal killed 29 men & is the country’s worst mining disaster in 40 years. but the day before the montcoal catastrophe was easter sunday and a group of activist/artists converged on nyc bank branches where they ‘deposited’ mounds of murdered dirt from coal river mountain on the floors of atm lobbies.

why? because we now know that the banksters at jpmorgan chase are behind 80% of the mountaintop removal in appalachia – and soon the rest of the world will know, too. this very special interview episode from media monarchy features a rousing conversation with reverend billy of the church of life after shopping. we’re here to inspire you to bring your own murdered mud to chase so that we can begin the rebirth of west virginia & join together in a mountaintop revival!

video excerpt: interview w/ reverend billy

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