interview w/ william fox on nle ’09 & vibrant response

interview w/ william fox on nle '09 & vibrant responsewith everything we’re looking at: pandemics, mass vaccinations, economic collapse, cyberwars, birthers & the threat of homegrown errorism – the amount of massive military drills currently running are made all the more disturbing. for this special interview episode from media monarchy, we talk to former marine corp major william b fox from ghost troop about these current military exercises: national level exercise ’09 & vibrant response. in this wide-ranging 90min interview, we use the terror drills as a backdrop for the bigger picture: the US has been hijacked by foreign interests & globalist elites who are pulling the rug out from under US. put simply, a drill is a practice run and the private military & shadow govt are practicing to take over our cities. only by spreading this information can we hope to determine our own destiny on a grassroots level.

update: thanks to neverknwo/no link news for the videos

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    Just found out about you this morning !! Thanks !! for all your work!!

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