is internet 9/11 under way?

is internet 9/11 under way?Zen Gardner shares signs in “Is the Internet 9/11 Under Way?” that Wikileaks may lead to another watershed event as 9/11? Gardner questions, rightfully so, the website’s high visibility and constant media references.Where’s anyone else trying to expose the agenda? Only Julian [Assange]. Hmmm.” Perhaps, the biggest red flag Gardner points out, is when Assange …says the 9/11 truth issue is ‘a distraction’“. The sketchy backgrounds and a building crescendo, where Assange is labeled a new kind of terrorist and compared to bin Laden only adds to the cloud.

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    The comment section following Zen Gardner's article is the real illumination. Let's see who rolls after the next document dump. I'm still sitting on the fence on this WIKI spectacle, withholding judgement since I haven't sifted through the documents and I (like the vast majority) rely on the pre-digested thoughts and analysis of others. Who else will admit to that?


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