it’s raining chemicals as pharmers spray pesticides without warning

it's raining chemicals as pharmers spray pesticides without warning

from civil eats: It starts with a distant, unmistakable whine, like a fly in another room you’ve been too lazy to swat. As the sound grows, I make sure the dog is inside, then grab the camera and head to the pasture. Planes spraying fungicides have interrupted several quiet weekends on our small farm this summer… Unfortunately, neither the company spraying the chemicals nor or our conventionally farming neighbors are required to tell us when they plan to fly over. Don’t get me wrong, my neighbors are really good people, though we have different attitudes about farm chemicals. The corn harvest is their livelihood, and the fungicide producers say that protecting it from disease could mean an additional 15 bushels per acre of grain (although this claim is still contested). I think it probably doesn’t occur to them to let us know, because they’re surrounded by these materials all the time. All the same, I’d like to maintain my choice to keep chemicals off my land and out of my body.

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