Japan Crisis Updates & Biowars/Envirohealth

Japan upgrades nuclear crisis to same level as chernobyl*
japan upgrades nuclear crisis to same level as chernobylvideo: japan hit with 7.1 magnitude ‘aftershock’*
video: eerie footage from inside japan’s radioactive evacuation zone*
japan nuclear radiation found in food bought in california stores*
video: thousands march in japanese anti-nuke protests*
temperatures rise at no.4 spent fuel storage pool*
loud rumbling noise in florida similar to disappearing village in china?*
4.2 magnitude quake hits arkansas*
ohio county simulates bioattack *
johnson & johnson fined for bribing doctors*
agrees to pay $70m to settle charges*
video: fluoride spill at illinois water facility requires haz-mat response, but it’s ok to drink?*

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