jerry sandusky updates: no cameras, app denied, plea bargains

jerry sandusky updates: no cameras, app denied, plea bargainsJerry Sandusky will likely have print-only media coverage according to a Washington Times’ article: Gameday blackout: Cameras barred from Jerry Sandusky hearing Tuesday. “Pennsylvania Judge John M. Cleland barred cameras from the hearing. He also barred the use of personal computers for anything other than notetaking, meaning no tweeting, live blogging, or real time website posts. Judge Cleland will provide a courtroom sketch artist. How cutting edge. Welcome to the 1950s era of public transparency… Pennsylvania is one of only three states that routinely bars television and radio coverage from its courtrooms…” comments Gayle Falkenthal.

A Fox Sports story, Background check denied Sandusky job,” reports former Penn St assistant applied for volunteer coaching job at a central Pennsylvania college. “Officials at Juniata College said Wednesday that Sandusky applied for the volunteer football coaching job in May 2010 and rejected the following month after a background check showed a high school where Sandusky previously volunteered was investigating him,” reveals article.

Will there be a plea bargain in Sandusky case? The present writer, wonders also, if Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, serves his client’s best interests? Writer Andrew Lu summarizes prospects for a , Jerry Sandusky Plea Deal? as follows:

“In an interview, Amendola reportedly acknowledged that the charges against his client are ‘damning’ on the heels of the most recent news — that a ninth victim has come forward and filed a civil lawsuit against Sandusky — says The Philadelphia Inquirer. In that lawsuit, the victim said that Sandusky molested him over 100 times over a period of five years. Regarding pleading guilty, Amendola said, ‘That could happen if more allegations come forth and Jerry gets to the point where he realizes fighting against more than the original allegations might be a real uphill battle,’ reports the Inquirer.”

With legal representation so oddly public, Jerry Sandusky and his lawyer can only assist in his prosecution! Will Sandusky become a sacrifice to stem further investigation? Or, is the alleged perpetrator, in fact, untouchable?

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