jesse johnson, 3rd party wv senate candidate, questions 9/11 account

jesse johnson, 3rd party wv senate candidate, questions 9/11 accountfrom wvgazette: A third party candidate in West Virginia’s U.S. Senate race questions whether the Sept. 11 attacks were masterminded by Osama bin Laden and carried out by al-Qaida terrorists. Mountain Party nominee Jesse Johnson told The Associated Press that he is also not convinced that hijacked airliners caused the collapse of buildings at the World Trade Center. Calling 9/11 a crime of the century, Johnson said it has never been investigated. He discounts the work of the bipartisan commission that issued a 585-page report on the attacks in 2004. Johnson at first declined to say what he thinks happened or who was behind it. He later said he did not know who the culprits were. But he also questioned why U.S. air defenses did not stop the hijacked airplanes. Johnson spoke to the AP Tuesday.

video update1: west virginia senate debate on c-span

video update2: constitution party senate candidate in wv questions ‘foreknowledge’ of wtc7 collapse in live tv debate
from aaron dykes: Jeff Becker, running for Senate in West Virginia in the Constitution Party, raised questions about the “foreknowledge” of WTC Building 7′s collapse on September 11th during a live televised debate that was carried nationally on C-SPAN. Indeed, even announces proudly at the very top of his homepage that he “Becker’s campaign websitecalls for new Senate investigation of 9/11.” During the October 18 debate, Becker responded to a question about the “continued build-up of troops in Afghanistan” by telling the audience that “We need to first take a look at what happened on 9/11. There were actually three buildings that collapsed on September 11th.”

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    Obviously you have not read the FRIDAY article entitled "Jesse Johnson says his views set him apart", but how could you? The Daily Mail neglected to add the results of HIS US Senate Editorial Board Interview from the online web site, but if you were lucky enough to obtain a hard copy of the Daily Mail it's on page 2A, The DM cited technical difficulties, when Manchin and Raese's interviews and then some made it online, BUT not his one article…the article was finally posted around noon on Friday and then later in the evening the link that would have led you to his article was rerouted to an AP article entitled "Still no justice for civil rights-era rapes." (AP Nation and World Friday October 15, 2010 by The Associated Press). The article is completely gone from the online page now. In the original article you are carrying here there is NO Bi Line, so no AP reporter in particular takes the BLAME for this bogus article, but we know who HE is. You will notice NO QUOTATION MARKS either, not ONE, because the words are NOT Mr. Johnson's. These comments were all that made it to print out of a two hour grilling on Johnson's run for US Senate. From Johnson's Editorial Board Interview he was able to state the TRUTH behind that bogus article by the AP, which now has been pulled, it states: "Johnson, 51, took issue with a seven paragraph report by the AP this week that claims he "questions whether Sept. 11 attacks were masterminded by Osama bin Laden and carried out by Al Qaida terrorists." "Johnson said he does not believe attacks were carried out by the US Government, as many conspiracy theorists believe, He said his comments merely were intended to point out that some questions remain unanswered regarding the attacks." "Johnson said he was trying to make the case to an AP reporter about the need to drastically reduce the size of defense budget." "The war on terror, I believe, is the war of fear, and much like the other so called wars we've declared on poverty and drugs, it's a huge drain on the treasure–a looting of the American treasury–and it is yielding no results, " he said. Johnson "believes he is now being targeted because he has shown some gain in the public opinion polls. He said "he doesn't know the full story behind the terrorist attacks and he would support further investigation into the matter, if elected." "Johnson called the story a pretty low blow by the AP..and that he is not a 9.11 conspiracy theorist…"

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    'nuff said:
    Election 2010
    Sunday October 17, 2010
    Third party senatorial candidate Johnson says views set him apart
    Mountain Party hopeful says he is not a Sept. 11 conspiracy theorist and he supports coal industry
    by Billy Wolfe
    Daily Mail staff

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