‘JFK & The Unspeakable’ Author Speaks In Portland

Update1: here is an exclusive recording of James W. Douglass, author of ‘JFK & the Unspeakable’, at Powell’s on Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon on June 9, 2008. there are some photos, too…

Update2: The risk of carrying JFK’s vision forward
from oregonian: After longtime peace activist James Douglass finished talking about a 45-year-old conspiracy, the first question underscored its relevance in the summer of 2008: If the “national security state” rose up to take down the Kennedys, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, how frightened should we be for Barack Obama?

'jfk & the unspeakable' author speaks in portlandfrom powells: In JFK and the Unspeakable (Orbis Books), an astonishing new examination of the Kennedy assassination and its meaning today for the struggle for peace, James W. Douglass lays out the journey that led JFK in the course of three years from his position as a traditional Cold Warrior to his determination to break with the logic of the Cold War and lead the world in an entirely different direction.

JFK assassination a religious conspiracy, author says
from birmingham news: Catholic peace activist Jim Douglass of Birmingham believes in conspiracy theories, including the Big Daddy of them all, the conspiracy to kill President John F. Kennedy. “There is no mystery as to how and why and by whom he was assassinated,” Douglass said. And he’s not referring to Lee Harvey Oswald, who he believes was framed as the assassin by the Central Intelligence Agency. Kennedy’s enemies were covert operatives in his own government, Douglass alleges. “He was killed by a high-level national security state organized by the CIA,” he said. “He was not carrying out what his national security state wanted.”

There are also some great interviews with Jim Douglass on Black Op Radio

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