Joseph P Skipper: VLF or Plasma Weapon Station?

Joseph P Skipper:  VLF or Plasma Weapon Station?

Joseph P Skipper of Mars Anomaly Research questions whether Harold E Holt Naval Communications Center on Australia’s west coast, is only, a VLF (Very Low Frequency) Station?  Skipper reasons a VLF station could be located anywhere, since VLF follows Earth’s curvature.  The researcher, who studies Mars, turns focus to Australia and Antarctica. Skipper engages in  some over-the-top thinking, but will withhold judgement to see whee it leads?  ” I suspect this VLF signal transmission
facility has been weaponized into a very long range plasma weapon generating
facility with electromagnetic properties. I suspect the round raw tight knit
plasma fields generated are what the ground disturbance signs are about as
particles are charged. Now VLF communication signals alone require tremendous
power to generate and I suspect that someone has found a way to utilize that
considerable power and attach plasma electromagnetic bundles to the VLF signals
and offensively target objects and locations over great distances,”
declares Skipper.  Has Skipper gone over the edge with extreme notion?

Skipper points out much of Antarctica gets obfuscated by different techniques a costly task on a platform such as Google Earth, and reminds reader, it only prevents the public from seeing what’s there as other countries have their own satellite views.  The researcher engages further in his self-styled common sense “2+2” approach:

In speculation, I suspect that its [Holt Naval Station]  proximity to Antarctica and who ever or what ever is there is a clue and plays a roll in this…

The above…image pattern [picture, right]  is called a Metatron Cube. Note that it is very close to the same pattern as the Harold E. Holt VLF station line patterns [picture, left]. Some of you may have a nervous reaction at my revealing this but you need to be aware that this pattern may actually be sacred geometry associated with the Tree of Life in apocryphal text. You should know that these texts rank Metatron as an angel entity second only to YHVH in the hierarchy of spiritual beings.

Do you really think that it is coincidental that such a complex pattern is so exactly followed for just simple VLF transmissions with nuclear missile submarines? In my opinion, this pattern at the VLF site is following the Metatron Cube pattern far too closely for it to be coincidental. It suggests that someone’s concept of very intense mysticism and belief system quite apart from science or simple VLF transmissions has taken it seriously enough to authorize a lot of money for this construction. Still think that only simple VLF transmissions are going on here at this site?

Skipper has a point the base does seem modeled on sacred geometry! The researcher, is convinced, there’s a big reason for such a massive program of relentless obfuscation of images taken of Antarctica.  Skipper pleads with urgency, “that kind of universal obfuscation [of Antarctica] is legitimate cause for suspicion and results in a need to know the truth. The VLF site here in this report shows a lot of evidence of being used and for something other…than VLF transmissions. IF that something is plasma/electromagnetic weaponization and there is undeclared combat going on with someone under the sea and/or in Antarctica, the public needs to know….”

Does Skipper believe it’s a covert Antarctic war with Nazis? The sacred geometry involved in the Holt Naval base’s layout suggests an occult connection.  Mars turned Anarctica anomaly researcher, Skipper shares suspicions here. You’ll have to read it to find out!

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