july clearinghouse

‘this is the fbi’: US agency marks 100th birthday*
the real power behind the throne-to-be*
video: media hails obama’s speech as call for ‘new world order’*
attending physician says jimi hendrix was waterboarded to death with red wine*
kucinich testifies at executive power hearing*
southern governors to meet in west virginia in august*
tased until dead: the epidemic of taser crazy cops*
death of man tased nine times by police ruled homicide*
astronaut says government covering up ufo’s*
video: police chief defends spying on protesters as terrorists*
top advisor to US military confirms gwot is a hoax: “there is no battlefield solution to terrorism”*
marilyn, charlie wilson & the rise of the drones*
billionaire entrepreneur slipped drugs to tech execs*
video: fulford vs haarp*

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