kristol & russert: msm attack dogs are all bark

neo-con mass murder facilitator kristol slams paul on faux news

from lew rockwell: This YouTube clip is a great demonstration of what neo-conservatives believe: in the warfare, welfare, corporate, police state–and global hegemony. Other countries better like it, or we’ll destroy them. And no one better question the shifting rationales, since we have always been at war with Islamic East Asia.

Kristol is horrified that Ron Paul wants to question some of the past and current practices of the biggest government in the history of the world, to call us away from empire and the corporate state, and to our constitutional republican origins. And note Kristol’s identification of the American nation with the central government. To be “anti-American” is to disagree with social welfare spending, corporate welfare spending, and Pentagon spending.

nbc’s russert attempts to portray ron paul as a hypocrite & spendthrift

from truthnews: In an attempt to make Ron Paul appear a hypocrite, NBC’s Tim Russert badgered the Republican presidential candidate on Meet the Press over the weekend about so-called “earmarks,” money set aside for special projects within congressional districts.

“Paul, the libertarian-leaning GOP lawmaker from Lake Jackson, said on NBC’s Meet the Press that he has requested earmarks ‘because I represent people who are asking for some of their money back,’” reports the Houston Chronicle. “‘They steal our money,’ said Paul, during a heated exchange with the show’s host, Tim Russert, who questioned whether he was being true to his convictions.”

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