‘Left Behind’ Remake Starring Nicholas Cage Coming This Fall

Producer Says Hollywood Ignoring Prophecy and the Rapture*
from theblaze.com: “Left Behind,” the apocalyptic thriller reboot about a biblical event known as “the rapture,” is heading to the big screen Oct. 3, helping round off a year packed with films touting Christian and Bible-based themes. The movie, which is based on the popular book and DVD series by the same name, stars Nicolas Cage as pilot Rayford Steele and Chad Michael Murray as journalist Buck Williams. TheBlaze recently sat down with Paul LaLonde, the film’s producer and writer, to learn more about the its focus on end-times theology and its reemergence in popular culture. While the people behind the new film were largely responsible for creating the original “Left Behind” movies a decade ago, LaLonde has repeatedly said that audiences can expect a very different finished product from the past.

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