limbaugh marks 20yrs on the air with call from poppy bush

from thinkprogress: Conservative radio talker Rush Limbaugh marks twenty years on the air today. During his show this afternoon, Limbaugh received a call from the President George W. Bush, former President George H. W. Bush, and former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush. The Bush family congratulated their “pal” Limbaugh on his “twenty years of important and excellent broadcasting.” Later in their conversation, former President Bush – apparently not realizing he was on the air – asked about “our man [Roger] Ailes,” the president of Fox News:

H. W. BUSH: Do you see our man Ailes at all?

LIMBAUGH: Oh, yeah. I saw Roger at Tony Snow’s funeral… And a couple of times earlier this summer.

H. W. BUSH: Are we on the radio, are we? […] I didn’t know that. I’ll clean up my act here. I’m glad they told me.

Yesterday, Vice President Dick Cheney sent Limbaugh a recorded message calling him “one of the great names in broadcasting history.”

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