Living In A Radioactive World: Hot Particles to Breathe In The Air

Living In A Radioactive World: Hot Particles to Breathe In The AirNuclear power industry executive Arnie Gundersen posts invaluable video updates on radiation dangers from Fukushima disaster. The videos have done much to raise awareness, worldwide. Where’s the US Surgeon General to warn Americans? The nuclear power executive brings his expertise to the mainstream with interview by John King available here. A surprised Gundersen reports 10 hot particles per day breathed in by the Japanese but Americans in Seattle breath in five. A hot particle is extremely dangerous as it causes damage in close proximity, usually, results in a necrotic spot in lungs, bones or digestive track where it is lodged in the body over time! Hot particles are not easily detected as they are miniscule in size and termed “fuel fleas” by Gundersen. Where’s George Harrison when you need him to adapt his song to fit a new age as we’re fated to “Living in a Radioactive World”!

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    So, consider, in the first few month s after Fuku-Meltdown3xChernobyl, there was a 28% spike in congenital birth defects from Hawaii, West coast USA all the way up thru Canada into Alaska. Iodine was found in Little Rock, Arkansas milk, 48% spike in infant mortality in Philadelphia,. Our acting President stated from the South Lawn that there was noting to worry about, no precautions need be taken…on March 17, 2011. The radioactivity had already reached Vermont. Even Poland gave its population Potassium Iodide pills the flood their bodies so they wouldn't store the Cs134&137, or the Iodine131. Many Lives could have been saved. The cancer rates are going to go through the roof. Women and children are more greatly affected. But like most Cancers, their death certificates will read some other secondary cause. A neighbor was in clinical trials, he got really sick from it. The "Dr." released John, told him and the family that they were "cancer free". He died 7 days later, of Pneumonia of course. Only one drug ever cured cancer, a synthesis of Proteins' called Peptides. Cured baby brain stem glioma, cured liver cancer at a university in Japan. Eff Dee Ay won't allow anyone to receive it. 37% of everyone who has died of cancer in the USA has been murdered by the Eff Dee Ay since 1973 to present. Look it up, beware of the sqeptickz, they sukblood for the Eff Dee Ay .

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