lost cat found. thanks to its microchip. you’re next.

since everything’s better now, it’s been a weekend filled w/ stupid animal stories
let’s try one that will actually affect yr life very soon: microchipping.

from wcco: A long-lost black cat had the good luck to cross paths with owners in Farmington who put a chip in its shoulder. The cat showed up in a subdivision just south of Mankato a month or so ago, and neighbors Greg and Kristen Taylor and Don and Becky Waskosky gave him room and board. The cat didn’t have a collar and was a little thin, but was otherwise in good shape. After weeks of trying to find the cat’s owner, the decision was made to find it a new home. He was taken to a vet clinic for shots and to determine if he had been neutered. A clinic employee scanned the cat and found the microchip in its shoulder. That provided pet-owner registry information. It led to Caroll Kelzenberg, 60 miles away in Farmington, who burst into tears at the news that “Ivan” had been found. She says that when Ivan wandered away from their farm in July, the Kelzenbergs had feared he had been eaten by a fox.

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