made in usa: blue haze, cointelpro, anthrax & tuberculosis

wv’s ‘blue haze’ came from pollution plants
west virginia's 'blue haze' came from pollution plantsfrom charleston gazette: A chemical odor and hazy cloud that moved across the Kanawha Valley Friday afternoon appears to have come from a combination of coal-fired power plant emissions, state Department of Environmental Protection investigators believe.

court to review cointelpro vs black panthers case
nebraska supreme court to review '71 cointelpro case vs black panthersfrom oped news: The Nebraska Supreme Court will hear the appeal of Ed Poindexter of his 1971 conviction for the bombing murder of Omaha Policeman Larry Minard. Poindexter was the head of Omaha’s Black Panther chapter, the National Committee to Combat Fascism, when he was arrested shortly after the August 1970 murder of Minard.

history channel admits anthrax attacks an inside job

from death2theNWOandNAU: From the History Channel’s show Conspiracies: Anthrax Attacks explaining how the weaponized strain could only come from the United States BioDefense Program.

dhs silent on tb carrier’s multiple US entries
dhs silent on tb carrier's multiple US entriesfrom washington times: The Senate Homeland Security Chairman urged the Department of Homeland Security to provide answers to questions submitted three months ago regarding the multiple entries of a Mexican national carrying a dangerous strain of tuberculosisMr. Armendariz Amaya, a businessman from Juarez, Mexico, crossed the U.S. border repeatedly and took multiple domestic flights last year, despite knowledge by Homeland Security officials that he was infected.

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