Mae Brussell: The Queen of Conspiracy Research

Mae Brussell, an intuitive yet thorough researcher, revealed uncanny ability to see the conspiracy that she termed not “neo-fascism but the same old fascism.”  Brussell  concerned about what America was coming to after 1963 Kennedy assassination, proved herself an American hero with her unparalleled research.  Mae Brussell archive available here, should be required history for all Americans!   You Tube summary illustrates how Brussell blows out the bull on Mason:  “Murders at Sharon Tate’s home, Manson was the scapegoat, Charles ‘Tex’
Watson from Texas the real killer. Manson identical to James Earl Ray
and L.H. Oswald. Where did Manson & friends get their $? Ed Butler
worked with L.H. Oswald AND wrote cover story of the Tate murders.
Destruction of the hippie movement is similar to the CIA’s overthrow of Greece in April 1967. (Read the book ‘The Death of a Democracy’ by Rousseas.)”

A profile of Mae Brussell also provided on You Tube:

By the time President Kennedy was murdered in 1963, Mae was married with
five kids. Hardly satisfied with the Warren Commission Report on the
assassination, Mae bought herself as a Christmas present the 26 volume
Warren Commission testimonies and began reading, filing and
cross-indexing. Not only did she find connections to high level
government officials, the CIA, Germany, the Hughes organization, and
organized crime (to name a few), but began to see relationships to many
other current and past events throughout the world.

In June 1971,
after 7 years of research and now living in Carmel, California, Mae
appeared as a guest on KLRB, a local FM radio station independently
owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Gloria Barron. Mae discussed her views on
political assassinations and the New York Times release of the Pentagon
Papers. The response was so good Mae became a regular weekly guest and
before too long had her own show, Dialogue: Conspiracy.(She later
changed the name to World Watchers International)

There were
times when death threats forced Mae off the air — one time by Charlie
Manson family member Sandra Good in September 1975. At one point Mae
resorted to recording her shows at home on her small General Electric cassette tape recorder and privately mailed out copies to her subscribers.

1983 Mae’s show moved to KAZU in Pacific Grove and there it stayed
until her last broadcast (#862) on June 13, 1988. On October 3rd of that
year, at age 66, Mae died of cancer.

You will remain in the dark until you digest American history as revealed by Mae Brussell, truly, the Queen of Conspiracy Research.  The present writer will always remain in awe at Brussell’s ability to see through everything directly to the truth.  Brussell may not have been perfect, but she’s as close as we will ever see! 

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