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#MagazineTime: February 2017

The latest new installment in the Media Monarchy kingdom is a monthly look at that oh-so-disposable, yet undeniably influential form of dinosaur media that refuses to go extinct, the magazine. I've been a voracious magazine reader since I was kid growing up in a small West Virginia town. Long before the web, magazines were a huge window into other worlds I knew existed outside of my little corner of the world. Now with complete web saturation, I think another old school comeback is in order.


DOPE: The Political Landscape of Cannabis - How Trump’s Nominations Could Impact Legitimate Businesses

NME: The Vinyl Revolution Is A Sham

TAPE OP: Interview w/Flood & Alan Moulder

ELEVEN PDX: Interview w/David Bazan (of Pedro The Lion)

VORTEX: Aan - Living A Life Of Distractions

MAGNET: Ennio Morricone - A Fistful Of Dynamite

MAGNET: Review Of Ennio Morricone's New 'Morricone 60'

MAGNET: #1 Album Of 2016 - Lucy Dacus’ “No Burden”

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