Marshall Masters: Planet X Visible By June In Northern Skies

Marshall Masters:  Planet X Visible By June In Northern SkiesGeorge Noory interviews Marshall Masters, a Nibiru cataclysm proponent, on March 18th edition of Coast To Coast at the 37:30 mark.  Masters reviews fascinating history and current location of Nibiru AKA Nemesis, The Destroyer or Planet X. C2C episode contains jam-packed history of Planet X:

“…Masters specializes in Planet X and ancient civilizations. He discussed evidence for an object on the other side of the sun, which could be Planet X, and how this ties in with Hopi and other types of prophecy, as well as ancient texts including the Kolbrin Bible. He also related his research to that of the late Zecharia Sitchin known for his ’12th Planet’ theory, and a US Naval Observatory astronomer named Robert Harrington, who died suddenly after coming forward with information about possibly sighting Planet X. The Kolbrin Bible contains an allegory about how a celestial body flies by Earth, creating a large amount of volcanic activity, and leads to the destruction of Atlantis, Masters detailed.”

You Tube summary of informative Planet X program continues below fold!

“The so-called Lost Book of Nostradamus includes a prophecy about a harbinger of doom that will appear in the constellation of Ophiuchus, he continued. Masters believes that an ‘object of interest’ captured in webcam photos of the Turrialba Volcano in Costa Rica is possibly a harbinger to the arrival of Planet X. He nicknamed the object ‘Bluebonnet’ because of its bluish color and said that it appears before sunset near the ecliptic of the sun. Bluebonnet, he reported, may be planet-sized but can only be observed from high altitudes above the cloud cover during certain times of the day, such as sunset. He further suggested that this object could be the Blue Kachina prophesied by the Hopi that will be followed by a far more destructive Red Kachina…”

“The topic of Planet X keeps coming back because it’s the only thing that explains all the extreme climate changes we’ve been undergoing, he contended, adding that he’s concerned about seabeds rising and falling, and undersea volcanism. While Planet X won’t hit the Earth, the biggest problem will be its interaction with our sun– we may see catastrophic earth changes such as the pole shift that Edgar Cayce predicted, Masters warned. Further, he believes Planet X could be arriving this year. “2012 was the warm-up band, and 2013 is the headline act,” he commented.”

Masters depicts Planet X as a mini-constellation, rocks dragged along in its gravity, will accompany before and after actual passing through our inner solar system! It’s interesting to note, Planet X could be one explanation for recent increase in meteors?  Masters is a true believer, who even has recommendation for treating volcanic pumas that will cause skin ulcerations left untreated.  Planet X, as it makes its pass, will result in increased volcanism around our planet, asserts Masters.   A  group monitored by Masters with You Tube channel,  The 00 Skyview, suggest Planet X will be visible in Northern Skies by June.

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