Martin Fleischmann, ‘#ColdFusion’ Pioneer with Pons, Dead at 85

Martin Fleischmann, 'Cold Fusion' Pioneer with Pons, Dead at 85

from Martin Fleischmann, co-discoverer with B. Stanley Pons of a phenomenon they initially attributed to nuclear fusion, is dead at 85… Fleischmann was regarded as one of the world’s top electrochemists. He was known for his driving passion for discovery and for breaking new ground, which other scientists then followed to great commercial success… When he and Pons claimed to discover a new, cheaper way to create controlled nuclear fusion energy in a test-tube on March 23, 1989, everything changed for him. The personal and scientific fallout from the announcement was a burden he bore for the rest of his life.

Flashback Video:
Heavy Watergate – The War Against Cold Fusion

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