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Look Honey, It’s the World’s Biggest Cannabis Greenhouse!

Look Honey, It's the World's Biggest Cannabis Greenhouse!This month on the #MaryjaneReport: Massive new marijuana farms are taking off in Edmonton; James tries Pitbull while Mr. Chris remembers the "King Of Spain"; plus Carl Sagan quotes, Dennis Rodman trips and much more.


Maryjane Report

Edmonton airport area banking on massive new marijuana facility taking off

Lehigh University looks to study cannabis' effect on autistic children

Leafly: Pitbull

Madrone Cannabis: Remedy Joint Pack

Tampa's Joe Redner wants to grow his own cannabis plants, says suit

Carl Sagan's essay on cannabis

Tears for Fears - "Raoul and the King of Spain"

Potcoin Sends Dennis Rodman Back to North Korea

Economist Magazine 1988: "Get Ready For A World Currency" In 2018

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