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matt simmons, cfr/oil insider & bp critic, dead of ‘heart attack’

matt simmons dead 'of an apparent heart attack'
matt simmons, cfr/oil insider & bp critic, dead of 'heart attack'from zero hedge: CNBC notes the apparent cause of death of the recently popular BP skeptic, and founder of oil company Simmons & Co., was a heart attack. A conflicting report according to WLBZ cites the source of death as drowning.

updates: author, peak oil advocate matt simmons dead at 67*
do people really drown in hot tubs?*
video: did cia assassinate simmons for whistleblowing gulf coverup?*

flashbacks: oily insider says "there's another leak, much bigger, 5 to 6 miles away" & oily insider & cfr member predicts gulf evacuation

  1. If he was promoting the 'Peak Oil' scam then I'm nao all that heartbroken that he has gone to the great Dis-info Donkey Show in the sky. Hopefully Mike Ruppert will soon follow.

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