may clearinghouse

real life ministry of love is being built*
26 yrs after gibson, pentagon defines ‘cyberspace’*
comcast is hiring an internet snoop for the feds*
US: possible gov’t laptop breach?*
mega corp lawsuit against youtube threatens internet freedom*
air force aims for ‘full control’ of ‘any and all’ computers*
air force colonel wants to build a military botnet*
dns trouble knocks nsa off internet
the face of allah weapon returns*
taser jolt can cause fatal heart rhythm, probe told*
video: cnn covers elite’s depopulation program*
titanic ‘discovery’ was a secret nuke sub dive*
rehired kbr driver in iraq caught with child porn – again
send in the marines! (with iris scanners!)*
after losing nukes, air base flunks security tests*
military recruits thousands more warbots for new unmanned surge*
do you feel a draft?*
video: ‘you’d think we were in a war zone’*
homeland security to train police to counter roadside bombs*
new disaster preparedness strategy announced*
state closes storm drills to media*
states chafing at US focus on terrorism*
20% rise in US police deaths*
new nexico police officer scuffles with tv photographer*
blunt federal letters tell students they’re security threats*
this is what the cia thinks of foia requests*
shadow govt: who deals with agencies at booz allen?*
in ‘spies for hire,’ US security gets outsourced*
fbi citizen’s academy: citizens take part in fbi training*
george soros: ‘we face the most serious recession of our lifetime’*
former bush aide admits manipulating opinion*
surprise, surprise: bush lied*
mcclellan book pegs bush as a cokehead*

international intrigue
video: operation leopard*
tony blair wants to unite religions*
tories plan boot camps for jobless youths*
mandatory government brainwashing for uk kids under 5*
uk political tension monitors map race & religion*
uk wants single govt database of phone calls & emails*
israel has ‘150 or more’ nuclear weapons: carter*
hundreds of new testaments torched in israel*
orthodox jewish youths burn new testaments in israel*
chertoff wants israeli airport security technology*
businessman says he gave israeli leader thousands in cash*
lbj tapes show israel-america connection*
global peace index: israel hits rock bottom*
video: unusual clouds prior to china earthquake*
one-child policy has exceptions after china quake*
did china’s hackers shut off the lights?*
tix to olympics’ opening ceremonies to include rfid & passport data*
cia drug pilot linked to russian mob*
venezuela arrests US ‘dea agent’*
‘plan colombia’ heads for mexico*
mexican soldiers shoot at marine’s car*
US, canadian & mexican police to un ‘roadcheck 2008’*
‘tragedy & hope’ reveals a call by cecil rhodes for an ‘american union’*
‘north american parliament’ meets at integration forum*

lindbergh’s deranged quest for immortality*
nano-fibres lead to pre-cancer symptoms*
discovery of 12,000-yr-old temple could alter theory of human development*
weather warfare*
oism: 32,000 scientists reject global warming hypothesis*
brit mp’s: every adult should be forced to carry ‘carbon ration cards’*
ibm superior rice to fight food crisis*
family seed business takes on goliath of genetic modification*
some US farms outsourced to mexico*
diet coke drops additive in dna damage fears*
superbugs killed record number*
video: 666 baby vaccines*

gingrich quips bush should have allowed some ‘reminder’ attacks*
corr brother says 9/11 ‘an inside job’*
the hijackers*
US to try alleged 9/11 plotters*
wtc development deadline extended, jfk upgrades planned*
video: 9/11 in 7 minutes*
pentagon inviting media to guantanamo 9/11 hearings*
US pushing 9/11 trials before nov.?*
9/11: cover for a coup d’etat?*
stanley hilton: bush authorized 9/11 attacks*

jello biafra vs. michael savage*
iron man & the fantasy of ‘humanitarian militarism’*
condi joins kiss army*
indiana jones & the fridge of nuclear doom*
at age 70, george carlin still calls it like he sees it*
project censored awards to four global research authors*

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