mccain turns to israel to woo gop

mccain turns to israel to woo gopfrom press tv: GOP presidential frontrunner John McCain is reportedly trying to pledge allegiance to Israel in a bid to woo the Republican Party.

Amid raising concerns about McCain connecting with the more conservative and religious right wing of the Republican Party, the Arizona senator is trying to show that he embraces the idea of a ‘Jewish state’, Ha’aretz reported.

“Those [Democratic] senators won’t recognize and seriously address the threat posed by an Iran with nuclear ambitions to our ally Israel in the region,” McCain said Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Political pundits believe Senator Joe Lieberman, who is a staunch supporter of Israel, is assisting the Republican candidate in reaching out to voters.

Lieberman, who is rumored to be McCain’s first pick for Vice President, can promise both Jewish and Evangelical voters that McCain is the candidate they seek to support Israel.

here is a link to the entire speech

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