McChrystal Falls On Sword After Truthful Comments On Afghan War

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Video: McChrystal may lose job over Rolling Stone interview

McChrystal’s burning contempt for the puppet Obama
mcchrystal's burning contempt for the puppet obamafrom kurt nimmo: The farce that is the war in Afghanistan is coming apart at the seams. General Stanley McChrystal’s sharp comments about Obama, Biden, and the administration published by Rolling Stone are not so much about disrespect, as the script-reading corporate media talking heads would have it, but rather about a policy in disarray in Afghanistan.

Video: Fox legal analyst predicts McChrystal will be fired

General Stanley McChrystal tenders his resignation
from telegraph: A senior Capitol Hill source tells me that General Stanley McChrystal had tendered his resignation to President Barack Obama and that the White House is actively discussing a replacement who could be quickly confirmed by the Senate. The source said that among the names being touted as possible successors are General James Mattis, the outgoing head of the US Joint Forces Command and due to retire after being passed over as US Marine Corps commander, and Lieutenant General William Caldwell, commander of Nato’s Training Mission in Afghanistan. Of course, offering to resign is not the same as actually resigning and it remains to be seen whether Mr Obama will accept the resignation. Donald Rumsfeld offered to resign as Pentagon chief on more than one occasion but President George W. Bush requested that he continue in post before eventually firing him in November 2006.

Latest: McChrystal left White House before war meeting

Pat Tillman’s mom tried to warn Obama of McChrystal
from politico: The mother of the slain football player and Army Ranger Pat Tillman sought to warn President Obama against making General Stanley McChrystal his commander in Afghanistan. Mary Tillman said in an unpublished interview this year that she wrote to Obama and called Senators and members of Congress seeking to block McChrystal’s appointment when she learned that he was under consideration for the post… McChrystal has been accused of involvement in covering up of the fact that Tillman had been shot by his own comrades, having approved a citation for a posthumous medal that attributed his death to “enemy fire,” though the general also penned a memo warning the White House against describing the circumstance of Tillman’s death for fear of future embarrassment. An official investigation blamed McChrystal forinaccurate and misleading assertions” in the formal recommendation of Tillman for a Silver Star. Mary Tillman said she emailed Obama a short letter saying that McChrystal was not what he seemed.

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  1. Charles D Avatar

    While I think that any measure that asserts civilian control over the military is a good one, replacing McChrystal with Petraues (Bush's favorite general) and continuing a unnecessary and illegal war makes it clear that it matters little whether the President is a Republican or Democrat – we still get empire.

    This war, like the one in Iraq, is about funneling taxpayer money to big corporations not about "national security" or "terrorism". War is indeed a racket and anyone who supports that racket is a criminal regardless of whether they talk to Rolling Stone.

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