McDonald’s Launches Plan to (Soylent) Green Its Menu

world wildlife fund gets into bed with mcdonald’s,
gives birth to darling ‘sustainability program’

from grist: McDonald’s is going to be less bad for the future of life on Earth, it promises. With the help of the World Wildlife Fund, the 32,000-store chain has pledged to do the following to improve its sourcing of raw materials:

McDonald’s Launches Plan to (Soylent) Green Its Menu

  • Ban beef that comes from within the “Amazon Biome,” aka Brazil’s rainforest.
  • No more soy from the deforested remnants Amazon Rainforest, either. Soy is used in chicken feed. (The bad news is, we’ll still be eating chicken nuggets that were originally soybeans.)
  • Coffee and wood fibers for product packaging will also be sourced from third-party certified, sustainable sources.”
  • Switch from regular palm oil (aka the blood of slaughtered baby orangutans) to certified sustainable palm oil. (But again, what’s the point if they’re still feeding you food doctored with PALM OIL?)

and look out for the lyfe kitchen, coming this summer to a gated sub-division sector near you!

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