Media/Memes: Unthinkable Breakup, Indentured Servitude and More

News Corp. confirms it may split entertainment, publishing*
News Corp. confirms it may split entertainment, publishingBreakup of media giant News Corp. was once unthinkable*
‘Me @ the Zoo’ Documentary About Chris Crocker on HBO*
‘America’s Got Talent’: Fake soldier Tim Poe gets the heave-ho, along with Marilyn Manson look-alike*
Nora Ephron, ‘When Harry Met Sally’ writer, Academy nominee, dies 71*
Nora Ephron wrote for more than the movies*
Frances Williams Preston obituary: BMI executive dies at 83*
Bands, Food Trucks and Silent Disco*
The Black Keys File Lawsuit Against Pizza Hut, Home Depot*
A$AP Rocky to Play JFK Alongside Lana Del Rey’s Jackie O. in Video*
Lana Del Rey’s ‘National Anthem’ Video Is About ‘Loss Of Innocence’*
#Audio #Satire: Johnny Depp’s Indentured Servitude To Tim Burton Ends*

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