media monarchy episode102

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peace don’t pay the bills on episode102 of media monarchy as we go up against the police state int’l and their bioterror, big brother & behavioral screening + the continuing econocrash, tsa, kbr, lyin’ cheatin’ teenagers & soldiers of misfortune, shadow govt, cog & domestic security, obamessiah, robot twins & an ancient stash of shaman weed, music by the decemberists and tons more…


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Ho James,
    no prob’ bro, talking about skype, check this:


  2. Anonymous Avatar

    One more thing James, you have to watch this to get a different view on growth&consumption:

    Dr. Albert A. Bartlett – Arithmetic, Population & Energy:

    5-Oldchool-Stars!!! As you put it right in your show, search after it on piratbay and safe it locally…


  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Okok, last comment about “aggessive forward thinking approaches” on toll-roads:

    you surely know that the german highway-system was built by the nazis to enhance troop transport during the BLITZKRIEG, but what already we have here is much more frightening: the Toll Collect System. All you can find in the english Wikipedia is this:

    “The German government contracted a private company, Toll Collect GmbH to operate the toll collection system, which involves the use of vehicle-mounted transponders and roadway-mounted sensors installed throughout Germany.”

    Now in the german version on

    you can read that on average, every 80km [about 50 miles], from EVERY vehicle approaching a frontal photo is made an the license-plate controlled, then it is scanned and a 3D-model is generated. If it’s a truck, it has to be equipped with the so called On-Board-Unit [GPS-ready], that communicates via infrared with the Toll-Collect-Tower. The whole unit looks like this:

    You see, the technology is out there, and: Mary E. Peters, the United States Secretary of Transportation was very interested as her german counterpart Wolfgang Tiefensee presented the system in Washington one year ago. Source:,1518,509823,00.html

    Perhaps Americans will “enjoy” this technology – Made in Germany!


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