media monarchy episode105

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so this is the new year? yes it is! and the 105th episode of media monarchy kicks it off with the connell crash & israeli attacks, obama, biden, zbig, huntington & the clash of civilizations + US bases, recession races, oregon tracking schemes & smart surveillance = control grid & citizen snitches, music by franz ferdinand and tons more…


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    jo james,

    happy new year! check that article on counterpunch, it's from Brian Eno, there are now so many articles about the gaza-genocide, but this one is brilliant:

    cheers & big up – alex

  2. @PumpUpThaVolume Avatar

    hey man, thanks for all yr new years' cheers & comments and the brian eno article(?!). send me an email so we can communicate that way: media monarchy at yahoo dot com

    thanks again,

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