media monarchy episode107

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as the years passed, most americans were able to return to life much as it had been before 9/11. but I never did. episode107 of media monarchy marks the end of the beginning w/ patrick mcgoohan & the prisoner puzzle, bush off/obama on & worldwide states of emergency + blowback, draftwars, gaswars & the latest 9/11 updates for the end of the bush error, music from m.i.a. and tons more…


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  1. 100musicalfootsteps Avatar

    thanks for this latest podcast. Some-one has to keep a sceptical eye on Obama. I notice Obama-mania even sweeping through Australia. He is the “Return of the King” … Kennedy ressurected.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    yo james,

    check that concerning false-flag-operations & media-censorship:

    I picked it up from blacklistednews

    cheers alex

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    hi james,

    cryptogon now picked it up, too:

    cheers alex

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