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media monarchy episode117

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april is the cruelest month & summer will surprise us on episode117 of media monarchy featuring oligarchy in the uk, g20, nato & the new world order, obama, brown & the crown, banksters, protests, provocateurs & the people, police state int'l & surviving the econocrash... w/ cheneyacs, pnac's & yoo, 1world trade center & 9/11 dna, pharmaceutical-industrial complex, waterwars, recalls, drugwars & the death of william bennett + a classic from the clash and tons more...


listen live to the portland radio authoritymedia monarchy is originally broadcast live on the portland radio authority & revere radio network every friday at 10am pacific/1pm eastern...

plus, you can always get podcasts of previous episodes thanks to itunes, radio4all.net & archive.org

(ed: sorry, i'm having technical difficulties w/ my upload to radio4all.net... as of early morning april 4th, i'm still working on it. if you subscribe thru radio4all, i apologize for the multiple uploads of that same episode...)

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