Media Monarchy Episode125

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Media Monarchy Episode125Nietzsche said that ‘without music, life would be a mistake’ – but we won’t make that mistake because the 125th episode of Media Monarchy is a 2hr mixtape gift for you w/ music by The Faint, Fugazi, Thievery Corporation, Dead Kennedys, Immortal Technique, Emergency Broadcast Network & more + Patton Oswalt, Bill Hicks & the covert war against rock… Thanks for supporting the show & getting active, now let’s get radio-active!


listen live to the portland radio authorityMedia Monarchy is originally broadcast live on the Portland Radio Authority & Revere Radio Network every Friday at 10am pacific/1pm eastern…

And a huge thanks to Boulder Free Radio, Cascadia Public Radio & Free Radio Olympia for rebroadcasting the show…

Plus, you can always get podcasts of previous episodes thanks to iTunes, &

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