media monarchy episode142b

media monarchy episode141b“because we do not care to fight, my friends – we are the weeds” on media monarchy’s episode142b w/ stiletto stoners, swine flu, sting-a-roos, cocoon & the waterwars in bundadoon + the latest from food world order & cyber/spacewar, plantation music by pulp and tons more…



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    I guess the "stiletto stoner" has the privilege of working for a corporation that does not employ "random drug testing" to keep their plebs in line. I work for a fairly large corporation and they just started random drug testing so even if I did smoke pot, I would be doing so at the peril of my income – in a horrible economy. The clampdown on the citizenry seems to be coming mostly from corporate Amerika – at least the restriction of rights that the government has more trouble stomping on. When I complained about the RDT policy to the HR director, I was plainly told that I was free to seek employment elsewhere. Yeah, in this economy…

    Take care, love the podcast, keep up the good work!


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