media monarchy episode192 w/ clyde lewis

media monarchy episode192“’tis now the very witching time of night, when churchyards yawn & hell itself breathes out contagion to this world” on episode192 of media monarchy w/ in-studio guest clyde lewis of ground zero media! this halloween weekend is teeming with terror psyops, fraudulent elections & other attacks in the war on consciousness; so here we peer through the haze of the drugwar & the maze of pop occulture … this 2hr tour also gets into the provocative events coming this weekend from ground zero + catastrophic music from arctic monkeys and tons more…

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One response to “media monarchy episode192 w/ clyde lewis”

  1. Brian Avatar

    Eesh absolutely no basis in reality, evidence, or science for so much of the discussion on this episode. The utter anomaly hunting being revered in this reverse speech stuff is troubling. How can you possibly believe that the subconscious mind is formulating backwards sentences that contain words from other languages that symbolize future events.

    This stuff is meaningless. It's an intellectually lazy exercise in anomaly hunting. This is the same as the Bible Code. It's a mundane and wasteful practice to sift through material like this to make connections to things you already know, and have already drawn conclusions on.

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