media monarchy on ‘the invisible hand’ with tracy twyman

media monarchy on 'the invisible hand' with tracy twymanfrom tracy twyman: This episode of The Invisible Hand features my recent interview with James Evan Pilato, Editor of Media Monarchy, Food World Order, and CyberSpace War. This episode focuses entirely on the subject of “weaponized food”, including the fact that rats fed genetically modified food were found to be unable to breed after the third generation, and the fact that, according to the Daily Mail, 1 in 5 men is now unable to breed, a problem they say could lead to the “rapid extinction” of the human race within a few generations. We also talk about aspartame, high-fructose corn syrup, water filtration, the doomsday seed vault, the war on organic farming, Newman’s Own organic fakery and the genocidal tendencies of the ruling oligarchy.


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    Great interview dude! Strange to hear you as the interview-ie and not the interviewer. Looking forward to more.

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