media/memes: distractions, accidents & muckraking

forget afghanistan & health care: let’s argue football!*
update: house panel passes college football playoff bill
forget afghanistan & health care: let's argue football!snl criticized over tiger woods domestic violence skit while rihanna on show*
law & order svu: following the adl script?*
weezer cancels tour after bus accident*
on john lennon’s death: don’t softsoap me – gimme some truth*
as the world turns: cbs cancels another daytime drama*
swiss ready polanski’s chalet*
swiss court agrees to grant polanski bail, but he remains behind bars for now*
polanski released to swiss chalet, greeted by family, media swarm*
flashback: interview w/ peter levenda of ‘sinister forces’*
radio free europe, radio liberty, cia & the media*
struggling media will need government help: US congressman*
luke rudkowski: the dawn of a new age of muckraking*

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