a message from clyde lewis on the future of ground zero

a message from clyde lewis on the future of ground zerofrom clyde lewis: It is with a heavy heart that we say good bye to an old staple… KUFO FM 101.1. I have been doing radio now for over 25 years and radio format changes leave us all feeling awkward, and in some cases angry. We all start throwing blame around and we hate radio companies for doing what they do. The bottom line is that with any business money has to be made in order to maintain transmitters, facilities and paychecks… Ground Zero wants to remain on the air in some way. It takes money and work to do it. We have been working out of pocket in the last year and a half. Ground Zero needs your support. Money is one way of supporting the show… Write Alpha Broadcasting and let them know that you would listen to a nightly broadcast of Ground Zero… E-mail comments about Ground Zero to Brian.Jennings@alphabroadcasting.com or call 503-517-6000

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