Michael Ruppert And Peak Oil: ‘Collapse’

Michael Ruppert may be remembered as single voice yelling in the wilderness.  Ruppert tried so hard to wake up sleeping masses to imminent collapse of industrialized civilization!  In forefront Ruppert began spreading word in nineties from his website,From the Wilderness,”still accessible online, but frozen in time at 2006 when he left country for a period.  Director Chris Smith updates Michael Ruppert in movie, Collapse,” a 2009 interview surveying factors such as peak oil, fractional reserve banking, and derivatives that seals fate of western civilization in collapse.  Michael Ruppert may become historical figure, who clearly saw deadly accurate map unfold, but also, possessed honesty and naivety to go public!  An early 9/11 classic, “Crossing The Rubicon,” a book by Ruppert that details motive, means and opportunity of Empire builders and assured decline.  The present writer will always wonder about details of 2001 Energy Task Force quickly organized after Bush took office and chaired by Dick Cheney?  Ruppert states plainly in book that Cheney knew [about peak oil and its implications for industrialized civilization].

Carolyn Baker, who counts Ruppert a friend, wrote sympathetic 2009 review that includes important insights.  Baker paraphrases Ruppert in only economics education anyone needs below:

“Fiat Currency, Fractional Reserve Banking, and Compound Interest-these are the only three things you need to know, says Mike, about money. These three inherently comprise a pyramid scheme; in fact, the entire global economy is a pyramid scheme. It is based on the infinite growth paradigm which has now collided with something much more powerful. Our economy is collapsing, but many other countries in the world are collapsing much more rapidly. In summary, the people who have been running the planet are now losing control.”

There it is, a paradigm requiring constant growth to continue, will no longer work. The present writer would go further to assert its limits were always known by its perpetrators. Baker assures this is not the end of world only civilization at it is presently organized around peak oil and our present banking system.  Review looks forward, paraphrasing Ruppert again, “……once we begin experiencing acceptance, we are then able to discover like-minded “passengers” on the Titanic with whom we can ally to build lifeboats.” Ruppert, whose predictions Baker labels, “The Deadly Accurate Map,” supplies view of how collapse will likely transpire:

“What is critical now is for us to begin to put new structures in place before the old infrastructure completely crumbles. That phase could last between 20 years (which would be incredibly fast) to 50 or 100 years. What is crucial is that we don’t panic but rather analyze our own local situation to see what structures must be put in place there. Shortages will occur, but most likely, gradually as opposed to abruptly. Specific shortages will happen in specific places for a specific period. Thus, what is important is not to prepare for the end result of collapse, but to prepare for the transition.”

Ruppert disparaged, at times, as a shill for the New World Order or con man of poor character. A reader doesn’t have to buy “peak oil” as a dominant factor either to pay attention to this voice from the wilderness.  You can’t argue with Ruppert’s track record!

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