Military-Industrial Complex News: July 2016

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Surprise: Refugees Are Making The Military Industrial Complex Even Richer

U.S. files suit against DynCorp International over Iraq contract

U.S. arms sales approvals on track to reach nearly $40 billion

Ex-General to Top Brass: Stay Out of the ‘Cesspool of Domestic Politics’

Feds tight-lipped on weeding out corrupt border agents

Eighth bribery plea emerges from Army base in Afghanistan

New VA study finds 20 veterans commit suicide each day

Weapons Buyers Agree To Return Secrets In Peru Project Row

Defense IT Initiative Likely Unscathed By Critical GAO Report

Army Shorting Its Contractor Reviews, IG Report Finds

GAO Chides VA Over $6.8B Disability Exam Contracts

Health First Beats Whistleblower’s ‘Shotgun-Style’ FCA Suit

US Spent $2.6B-Plus On Afghan Telecom Sector, Audit Says

Blackwater FCA Relators On ‘Fishing Expedition,’ Co. Says

Feds OK $1.6B In Weapons Sales To UAE & Japan

House Panel Prods DOD For Info On Intel Base, Clearances

Raytheon’s $2B Contract To Produce Missiles Gets DOD’s OK

Defense Contractor Found Guilty Of Selling DOD Lousy Parts

Boeing Hit With Sanctions Bid In $1.2B Contract Dispute

SBA Orders Deeper Look Into DOD Small-Biz Contractor

Army Corps Accused Of $13M In Construction Flubs

Gridiron Claims ‘Corrupt’ LTC Induced $50M Investment

UK Parliament OKs $54B Nuclear Sub Replacement Program

Army Will Put Off Awarding Maligned Intel-Software Contract

Navy Hit With $596M Suit Over Alleged 3D Software Copying

GAO Sustains Protest Over Army Practice Bomb Contract

Subcontractor Sabotage Cost $74M, Suit Says

Korea Blocked From Pursuing BAE In Its Own Courts

DynCorp Chem Spray Suit Given Second Win

Ex-Fox News Analyst Gets Nearly 3 Years For Gov’t Fraud

Gun Makers Fight Injunction Bid In Peruvian Project Spat

Iffy Scanner Patent Ownership May Sink BAE Suit

Military Health Insurance Co. Wants Out Of Denied Claim Suit

No Sanctions For US In Iraq Fuel Contract Spat

Defend Trade Secrets Act Not Retroactive, Rifle Co. Says

3 Navy FCA Whistleblowers Fight To Stay Together

Navy Can’t Duck Software License Spat At ASBCA

Escobar Can’t Revive Airplane Parts FCA Suit, Northrop Says

Fed. Circ. Revives Exelis’ $411M Air Force Base Contract

Military Contractor Says Insurgency Aid Voids Subcontract

Gov’t Says Jet Part Sales Up To Its Discretion

Aircraft Carrier Tech 9 Years, 332% Over Budget: Watchdog

$5M Jet Suit Alleges ‘Yearslong Scheme’ To Duck Judgment

Tech Contractors Will Pay $6M In Small-Biz Fraud Row

Verizon Accused Of Knowingly Overcharging The DOD

Board Finds Estimated Sum Enough To Back Contractor Claim

Miles & Stockbridge Adds Former Lockheed Martin Asst. GC

Sudan Must Pay $40M In Power Contract Row, Tribunal Says

GAO Again Rejects Protest Over $28M Navy Engineering Deal

Cost Issues May Sink Next-Gen Air Force GPS Control System

Sen. McCaskill Demands Briefing Based on POGO Report

Global Witness Briefing Sheds Light on Cloaked Contractors

Improper Payments: $1 Trillion of Simple Mistakes

IG Shows Pantex Contractor Underreporting Maintenance Issues

Pentagon Leaks to Persian Gulf Contractor Raise Questions

Level 3 Maps Too Vague For $99M Cable Contract, GAO Says

Base Contractor Loses $57.5M Air Force Fed. Claims Protest

9th Circ. Won’t Rehear Booz Allen Retiree’s Stock Sale Suit

GAO Says DOD Needs Better Data To Reduce HQ Costs

The FDA is stockpiling military weapons — and it’s not alone

Navy Fleets Unable To Fix $500M Ship Maintenance Shortfall On Their Own

Military-Industrial Election: How defense firms spend campaign cash

Russia has $4.6B in military exports in 2016

Lockheed Martin Teams with Purdue, New Mexico State and New Mexico Tech for Sandia Competition

The ASBCA and the Case of the Missing Contract

DOD Weapons Tester Blasts Army Radio Ahead of Production Decision

By malevolent design: Why do US military weapons always seem to end up in enemy hands?

The Saudis’ American Shopping Spree: F-15s, Helicopters & More

Judge orders State Dept. to release documents on corrupt contractor before election

Former Army Official and Contractor Indicted for Bribery Scheme Involving Contracts at Aberdeen Proving Ground

How secret company owners are putting troops at risk and harming American taxpayers

A Toxic Mix Of Wishful Thinking And Corruption: The Saga Of Iraq’s Fake Bomb Detector

Court Enforces “Presumed Loss” Rule Where Contractor Misrepresented 8(a) Status to Win Set-Aside Contracts

Defense Contractor Arrested on Spy Charges Involving Satellites

Contractor denies more charges in tribal corruption case

Booze, Cigars, and Lady Gaga: How Weapons Deals Fuel Corruption

Former U.S. State Department Employee Convicted in $2 Million Government Contract Conspiracy

Agencies Are Entering a ‘High-Risk Period’ for Nepotism, Report Says

The $75,000 Cello: One Reason Military Bands Hit a Sour Note

How Cronyism Harms Our Military

Nearly $1 billion blown on General Atomics contract

Experts Weigh in Before Hubbard Finds Out Fate For Corruption

US military contractor caught trying to sell stolen satellite secrets to Russia

Agents pose major corruption risks in arms deals

Licence to Bribe? Reducing corruption risks around the use of agents in defence procurement

Mistakes of Iraq must never be repeated

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