Military-Industrial Complex News: September 2016

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Newsbud Roundtable – Examining The Real Costs of Drone Warfare

Newsbud-BFP Exclusive Report- A Distillation of DOD Funding Priorities for August 2016

DOD’s Carter Urges Support For Nuclear Refresh Plan

11th Circ. Doesn’t Buy Air Force Was Bilked In Radar Row

VA Slammed In Report On Hospital Project Blowout

Senate Drops Efforts To Stop $1B Saudi Arms Deal

GSA Watchdog Flags Waste In Government Supply Program

Continuing Resolutions Create Uncertainty For DOD: Report

VA Contractor Can’t Claw Back Credit Card Fees

Watchdog Dings VA Over $1.9M Spent On Canceled Contract

US Slams Bid To Toss, Transfer FCA Suit Over Army Rations

Air Force Grounds F-35 Over Crumbling Insulation

Northrop Grumman Hit With $500M Chemical Exposure Suit

2 More Charged Over ‘Fat Leonard’ Navy Bribery Scandal

McCaskill Says Air Force Drone Contracting Isn’t A Good Fix

Temporary Budget Deals Hurting Planning, DOD Brass Says

Poor Oversight Blamed For Rampant Afghanistan Corruption

Honeywell Freed From Ex-Tech’s FCA Suit Over GPS Testing

Rule Aims To Reduce Audits On Gov’t Contract Closeouts

Halliburton Ripped Off Tech, Navy Patent Licensee Says

GAO Sustains AT&T Protest Over $38.5M Air Force Cyber Deal

Exelis Gets Partial Win In $3.8M Contract Dispute With Feds

DOD Reopens $17.5B IT Contract After Successful Protest

US Pays $14M To Settle Night-Vision IP Fight With Contractor

Contractor Says Insurer Stiffed It On Navy Sewer Project

Raytheon JV Fights Off Honeywell Protest To USAF Contract

Poland Asks US Permission For $5B Patriot Missiles Buy

AAI Defends Boeing Sanctions Bid In $1.2B Contract Dispute

DOD Appoints Panel To Weed Out Old Buying Rules

DOD Issues Guidance On Commercial Purchasing Process

Senate Dems Continue Filibuster Of $576B Defense Bill

Navy Orders Retraining For Littoral Combat Ship Crews

GOP Lawmakers Slam DOD’s Budget ‘Gimmick’ Memo

Boeing Wins $2B In Bonuses For Criticized Missile System

Army Contractor Loses Protest On $51M Vehicle Deal

Copter Contractor Says Court Lacks Power In $8.4M Row

Raytheon Relator Touts DOJ ‘Escobar’ Brief In $1B FCA Row

GAO Denies Protests Over Exclusion From $11.5B GSA Deal

NASA Didn’t Need To ‘Spoon-Feed’ Contract Bidder, GAO Says

Navy Made Exceptions For $54M Contract Awardee, GAO Says

GAO Says Pentagon Needs To Improve Burn Pit Procedures

Lloyd’s Underwriter Sues Saudi Prince, Banks Over 9/11 Ties

Obama Creates National Security Climate Change Task Force

Insurer Says It Needn’t Cover $8M Moldy Duct Replacement

FAA GC Says Current Drone Regulation Is ‘Kind Of Creaky’

WTO Finds EU’s Airbus Subsidies Are Still Illegal

Contractors Ignore Anti-Trafficking Rules At Their Peril

IndyCar Team, Branding Co. Hit Nat’l Guard With $5M Suit

Iran Expects Imminent US Approval Of Boeing, Airbus Deals

Space Equipment Co. Doubles Down On Trade Secrets Claims

3rd Party Can’t Evade Blackwater FCA Docs Request

US Signs $38B Military Aid Package Deal With Israel

Lockheed Says Negligence Not A Defense In Cleanup Suit

Even After Iran Deal, Foreign Cos. Still Fear US Sanctions

Boeing Can’t Seek $200M Award From Ukraine Space Co.

4 Senators Push Bill To Block $1.15B Saudi Tank Sale

Lockheed Martin Hit With Whistleblower Suit In NJ

A trail of contracting fiascos

The Pentagon has shipped more than a million small arms to Iraq and Afghanistan’s defense forces

Why DoD’s Year-End Spending Needs to Change

VA ordering system looks like when we ‘first started using computers’

Federal cyber incidents jump 1,300% in 10 years

New Rules for U.S. Military Intervention–intervention/

Social Media Now on Conflicts’ Front Lines

The Feds Will Soon Be Able to Legally Hack Almost Anyone

The Military’s Tech Matchmaker Is Getting Ready to Open Its Wallet

Government Watchdog Identifies Lessons from Afghanistan Reconstruction

“Anything & Everything Goes” – The Corrupt & Deranged Governance Of America

Flawed Missile Defense System Generates $2 Billion in Bonuses

Eisenhower on “our charted course”

The Modern Mercenary: Private Armies and What They Mean for World Order

The REAL Cost of the War on Terror

Robert Steele: Reflections on The People’s Army, The Constitution, & Grand Strategy

SecDef Carter Wants YOU For The Defense Digital Service

Military Victory is Dead

Intellectual Property Fights Par for the Course in F-35 Program

F-35 May Never Be Ready for Combat

How Will Terrorists Use the Internet of Things? The Justice Department Is Trying to Figure That Out

One of America’s Spy Agencies Will Test Sentiment Analysis to Help Sniff Out Insider Threats

Military Turns to Online Auctions to Unload Unwanted Gear

Technical problems delay rollout of DoD’s electronic health record

U.S. government spent $1 million to determine if cheerleaders are more attractive in a squad

To Find Cyber Flaws in Weapon Systems, DoD Will Move Millions

A new mission for Homeland Security: managing risk

Bringing an End to the Forever War

Lessons to be Learned

House Panel: ‘Reboot’ of US Military to Cost $1 Trillion Over Next Decade

‘Hardball’ Pentagon memo creates firestorm

Report: Post 9/11 Wars Have Cost Taxpayers Nearly $5 Trillion And Counting

U.S. lawmakers say Afghanistan corruption threatens future spending

Deep State America

Military Insiders and War Profiteers Will Be Reviewing Private Prisons for Homeland Security

Thousand Balls of Flame: A Whiff of World War III Hangs in the Air. Cold War 2.0 is On…

Former NATO chief Rasmussen wants US ‘to police the world’

POGO Asks DHS to Pause Procurement of Private Detention Centers

A President Trump would be bad for the submarine business

5 Corporations Now Dominate Our Privatized Intelligence Industry

Republic Not Empire

US Wars are for Empire, Not for Profit

Report: South Sudanese Officials ‘Have Benefited Financially’ from Years of Bloody Conflict

A French Solution to India’s Defence Acquisition Problem

Newsbud Exclusive- Living Dangerously: The Recent Arms Race in the Balkans

The Election Has Been Hacked: The Dismal Reality of Having No Real Electoral Choices

India Caught in Another Defense Scam

What did we buy with the $5 Trillion that the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars have cost us?

“War Dogs:” What Everybody Knows — War Is All about the Money–What-Everybody-by-Mike-Rivage-Seul-Corruption_Killing_Military_Money-And-Power-160901-542.html

U.S. must keep standing the watch, for war never sleeps

When Pork Flies: The F-35, the Pentagon’s $1.1 Trillion Flying Money Pit, Is (Sort of) Ready for Duty

The Era of American Global Dominance Is Over

PDF: Perspectives on non-competitive defence spending

U.S. deploys robots to destroy chemical weapons buried under Colorado prairie

World fears Hillary Clinton, the warmonger

Why the US government loves to hate President Putin

UN pays tens of millions to Assad regime under Syria aid programme

Ron Paul on The USS Gerald Ford – A $13 Billion Boondoggle?

Guilty by Association: How Washington is Complicit in Human Rights Abuses in Honduras

TNI’s Gold Mine: Corruption and Military-Owned Businesses in Indonesia

Defence review: The rules of conflict have changed

The Entity May Exist, but Is It Approved? The Complex World of Joint Ventures and 8(a) Awards

The Bush administration thought an elective war would make America safer. Then Katrina hit. The untold story of the Iraq war’s toll on New Orleans.

Veterans are losing the war at home: Making America pain-free for plutocrats, Big Pharma

Money Laundering Scheme Exposed: 14 Pro-Clinton Super PACs and Non-Profits Implicated

From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer

A Hillary Clinton Victory Could Reveal A Trudeau Ready For War

Spies, Inc: the NSA’s catastrophic outsourcing failure – and what it means for surveillance today

A war with the Defense Department over a hidden golf course

Charles and Ray Eames: How Wartime L.A. Shaped the Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic

The DEA’s war on narco-terrorism just got more complicated

The Deep State Institutions That Couldn’t Care Less Who You Vote For

5 Under-the-Radar Places American Troops Are Stationed

Watchdog that oversees the flow of billions of dollars to colleges is shut down

‘If US can’t stop the war, they can at least stop selling weapons to Saudis’ – 10yo Yemeni girl

5 Critical Stories the Media Failed to Report While Stoking a Race War in Charlotte

US troops use white phosphorus in Iraq to ‘obscure’ Kurdish forces – newspaper

Syrian Army Declares End of Ceasefire After US Backed Rebel Forces Violated it 300 Times

2011 FBI report finds “broadening U.S. military presence” responsible for rise in terror attacks

Obama Extends “Emergency” War on Terror Powers as US Says Al Qaeda No Longer Target

‘Secrecy’ over public spending exposed by Transparency International report

The Secret Tribunals That Corporations Use to Sue Countries

Why Don’t General Counsels Stop Corporate Crime?

Who audits the auditors?–645500.html

Political Cognitive Biases Effects on Fund Managers’ Performance

Enlisted Drone Pilots to Get Same Bonus Pay as Officers

America’s Accidental Moral Victory

U.S. military commanders are ‘pissed off’ about the mission creep in Syria

Rand: Russian Propaganda Is Pervasive, and America Is Behind the Power Curve in Countering It

Why is the Navy’s largest shipbuilder looking for a subcontractor in China?

America’s ‘Ultimate Failure’ in Afghanistan: Corruption by the Billions

Filipino alliance at risk as president says U.S. troops must go

Bloated U.S. management costs over $3 trillion annually

Army ‘waited’ for media reports on ‘swinging’ general before suspending his security clearance

America’s Deadly Nuclear Deal With Iran

Cotton: Iran payments offer terrorists ‘untraceable cash’

Clinton defends emails on CIA drone program

Why the U.S. Still Can’t Track Visitors Who Overstay Their Visas

Drugs and privilege: Big business, Congress and the EpiPen

Afghan Opium Production 40 Times Higher Since US-NATO Invasion

Navy analysis found that a Marine’s case would draw attention to Afghan ‘sex slaves’

My Fellow Americans: Please Never, Ever Say (or Imply) That the United States Is the Only Country that Tries To Do Something About Corruption

DARPA awards Lockheed $171.2M contract for hypersonic concept program

ARCIC chief highlights combat, tactical vehicles as key modernization priorities

Pentagon clears Navy to launch planned $10 billion production run of Northrop’s MQ-4C

Halliburton/KBR Contracts Under Fire from Congress, DCAA

USA: $162.7M for Sentinels to Watch the Skies

UK accused of blocking UN inquiry into claim of war crimes in Yemen

The Saudis’ American Shopping Spree: F-15s, Helicopters & More

Airbus’ A400M Aerial Transport: Delays, Development, and Deployment

Aging Aircraft: USAF F-15 Fleet Grounded

Up to $11.9B for B-52H Maintenance & Modernization

US Air Force finds F-35 fuel line fix

USAF commander wants technological ‘leap’ to KC-Z tanker

Lithuania, Latvia Sign Deal To Synchronize Defense Procurements

Taiwan’s Force Modernization: The American Side

JLTV: Oshkosh Wins, Lockheed Protests

Military, Again: Afghan AF Picks, Arms MD-530 Helicopters

Australia warns shipbuilder DCNS after massive security leak

EFW gets $102 million U.S. Army mortar contract

U.S. delivers $50 million in weapons to Lebanese military

Pentagon not to pay Pakistan $300 million in military reimbursements

Pentagon Eyes US Iron Dome To Defend Forward-Based Forces

Missile Envy: Modernizing the US ICBM Force

Raytheon revenue tops estimates as smart bomb sales rise

America’s New Nuclear-Armed Missile Could Cost $85 Billion

From VH-71 to VXX: the Future of US Presidential Helicopters

Philippines eyes 14 percent defense budget rise to secure seas, fight rebels

U.S. Air Force Awards Lockheed Martin $395 Million Contract for GPS III Satellites 9 and 10

NATO to Deploy E-3 AWACS to Middle East as Early as October

General Dynamics to Support 2020 Census Questionnaire Assistance Program Under Potential $430M Contract

Leidos to Support Army Geospatial Info Program Under Potential $777M Award

Boeing Awarded $700M Air Force IDIQ to Continue Small Diameter Bomb Increment 1 Production

New ICBMs Could Cost Way Above $85B: CAPE’S Morin

Service Chiefs: Budget Uncertainty, Funding Levels are Biggest Challenges

DoD’s Technological Superiority Depends on Out-Innovating Adversaries

Air Force Lists Candidate Bases for General Atomics-Built MQ-9 Reaper Operations

DoD Plan To Attack Funding ‘Gimmick’ Nets Rebuke From Ryan, Thornberry

Experts Question New Armed Drone Export Policy

Obama orders 1.6 percent military pay raise for 2017


PDF: Two Former Executives of Foreign Defense Contractor Charged in Expanding Fraud and Corruption Probe

PDF: Fire Chief of the United States Air Force Indicted for Procurement Violation and Wire Fraud


PDF: Former Executives of Military Contractor Sentenced to Prison for Illegally Exporting Weapons Parts


PDF: Businessman Convicted of Offering Millions of Dollars to Department of Defense Procurement Official

Intel Report Confirms More “Transferred” Gitmo Captives Return to Terrorism

DHS Gives Deported Illegal Aliens from “Special Interest Countries” U.S. Citizenship

Records Show Obama Hired Behavioral Experts to Expand Use of Govt. Programs

DOD Lets Workers Use Govt. Plastic at Strip Clubs, Casinos—“Potential National Security Vulnerabilities

Making defence a new anti-corruption frontier

When good laws aren’t implemented’t-implemented

This Week In Local Dark Money News

New Analysis: 2016 Judicial Elections See Secret Money and Heightened Outside Spending

George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system

The Internet Is No Place for Elections

The US War on Terror Has Cost $5 Trillion and Increased Terrorism by 6,500%

U.S. Among Most Depressed Countries in the World

New ISIS Military Commander Was Trained by State Department as Recently as 2014

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