miltech insiders to stage ‘cyber shockwave’ drill on feb16

update: former US officials in cyberattack simulation

from kurt nimmo: The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) plans to simulate a cyber attack on America’s infrastructure on February 16, 2010. Dubbed Cyber ShockWave, the simulation “will provide an unprecedented look at how the government would develop a real-time response to a large-scale cyber crisis affecting much of the nation,” according to a BPC press release issued today.

The “cyber attack is going to be war-gamed, in public, for all the country to see. It will be quite realistic, featuring senior intelligence and national security officials, including former directors of intelligence agencies and combatant commands and homeland security advisers,” writes Marc Ambinder for The Atlantic.

In other words, a handful of well-placed corporations stand to make a fortune on the prospect of a cyber attack. In addition, a message will be sent to the Senate warning that it should pass “cybersecurity” legislation (a 2009 Senate bill would have given Obama the authority to shut down the internet).

miltech insiders to stage 'cyber shockwave' drill on feb16General Dynamics is a leading death merchant at the very heart of the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about a few decades ago during the contrived so-called Cold War. “When it comes to military spending, the tradition of the ‘iron triangle’ — Congress, the Pentagon, and defense industries — joining to push costly weaponry is nothing new,” Brad Knickerbocker wrote for The Christian Science Monitor. BPC directors hail from Lockheed Martin, L-3 Communications (a spook merchant), JPMorgan Securities, and the Rockefeller connected Aspen Institute…

It is business as usual — the government and large corporations setting off fire alarms in order to stampede the American people into the government’s high-tech surveillance and control grid, an operation that will reward the likes of General Dynamics and L-3 Communications handsomely.

The BPC’s Cyber ShockWave will take place on February 16, 2010 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC. The simulation will begin at 10:00AM followed by a question and answer session with the participants, the audience and media. Concerned citizens may want to attend and ask why the government and an insider think-tank stacked with neocons, neolibs, death merchants, and spook corporations are pushing a largely contrived threat on the American people.

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