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update: transformer glitch shuts down biggest atom smasher
transformer glitch shuts down biggest atom smasherfrom ap: The world's largest particle collider malfunctioned within hours of its launch to great fanfare, but its operator didn't report the problem for a week. In a statement Thursday, the European Organization for Nuclear Research reported for the first time that a 30-ton transformer that cools part of the collider broke, forcing physicists to stop using the atom smasher just a day after starting it up last week... CERN had not reported any problems with the project since its launch Sept. 10, but issued its statement shortly after The Associated Press called asking about rumors of troubles.

hackers hit large hadron collider
from computer world: Hackers defaced one of the Web sites of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) earlier this week, but the controversial science project's network suffered no permanent damage, a spokesman for CERN maintained today. The attack took place Monday, two days before the massive collider ran its first operational test, said James Gillies, a spokesman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, which operates the LHC. A group going by the name Greek Security Team, or GST, claimed responsibility for the defacement of one of the LHC sites, cmsmon.cern.ch, according to a report earlier Friday in U.K. newspaper The Telegraph. Hackers ended the long message that temporarily replaced the CERN site with the line: "We are 2600 - dont [sic] mess with us," the newspaper said.

peter camejo, co-founder of green party, dies
from sfgate: Third-party political activist Peter Camejo, a perennial candidate for state and national office who helped pioneer the financial market niche of socially responsible investments, died Saturday. He was 68. Mr. Camejo, who had been battling a recurrence of lymphoma, died at home in Folsom (Sacramento County). He helped found the California Green Party in 1991 and ran three times for governor of California. He also ran as independent Ralph Nader's vice presidential running mate in the 2004 presidential election in which President Bush won a second term. In 1976 he ran for president as the Socialist Workers Party candidate. Mr. Camejo described himself as a watermelon - red on the inside, green on the outside.

david foster wallace, 'infinite jest' author, hangs himself
from time: [David Foster] Wallace committed suicide on Friday, at the age of 46. He might be remembered as the guy who brought footnotes back (his fiction is full of them), or the person who magnified Thomas Pynchon's reader-reaction paranoia into post-modern mega-epic. He did do those things. But Wallace was also the greatest horror novelist ever. In Infinite Jest, a corporation-run unified North America of the near-future (dates have been replaced by sponsor names, such as the Year of the Trial-Size Dove Bar) is being decimated by a videotape so entertaining that people watch it on a loop, mesmerized until they die of dehydration or starvation or lack of sleep. Reading it, you realize how soul-sad lonely you are. And Wallace creates that effect, like Pynchon, while being laugh-out-loud funny.

rnc tried to cancel ron paul rally & ratm concert
from minnesota independent: Here’s a behind-the-scenes postscript about the lengths to which the planners of the Republican National Convention went to ensure the appearance of a discord-free GOP: They tried to scuttle Ron Paul’s counter-convention across the river in Minneapolis and the next night’s Rage Against the Machine concert as well. Speaking on background, well-placed sources at City Hall and Target Center have confirmed to MnIndy that in the days before Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic at Target Center was publicly announced, representatives of the RNC Host Committee contacted officials at Target Center and the city of Minneapolis (which oversees the facility) to push for the cancellation of the event. They also sought the cancellation of the Rage Against the Machine concert that took place at Target Center on September 3, the third night of the RNC.

lib party motion to chastise paul for not endorsing barr
from wikinews: The Libertarian National Committee (LNC) continues to be in a fierce deadlock today over how to address the growing controversies surrounding their party's U.S. presidential nominee, former congressman Bob Barr. Many libertarians have spoken out against Barr since his last minute refusal to attend former Republican presidential hopeful Congressman Ron Paul's third party unity conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC last Wednesday. One faction of the 17-member LNC, led by at-large representative Dr. Mary Ruwart — who lost the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination to Barr at the National Convention in May by only a few votes — is supporting a resolution to apologize to Paul. This is being countered by another faction led by Treasurer Aaron Starr, who favors a resolution to chastise Paul for not endorsing Bob Barr and “splitting the Freedom Movement.”

update: barr trying to remove running mate root, reports say

alex jones on press tv
from google video: Alex Jones dropping Truth Bombs on Press TV on 9/10.

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