Monsanto Declares a Sneaky Social Media War Against Protesters

from One of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of the grass roots food
freedom fight is social media. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and
many more networks allow people to instantly connect and provide a
platform for information to be passed on exponentially. Facebook and
Google are the two biggest websites in the entire world, and their reach
is nearly unlimited.

Last week, the Monsanto Company made it very clear that they were under the gun via social media,
and they went on the defense, weakly claiming that those who object
with their toxic seeds and deadly farming methods were “elitist,”
thereby attempting to undermine us as snobbish people who don’t see the
big picture and who don’t care about world hunger.

This week, they’ve upped their game. Mysterious things have been
occurring on the social networks: posts have disappeared, some posts are
hidden from the timelines of readers, and trolls abound on pages
promoting this weekend’s March Against Monsanto, happening worldwide on May 25.

Like any cornered rat, the leviathan seed company can
see the very large threat coming their way, and it appears that they
are pulling out all the stops to fight as dirty as they can. But the
movement against the company is so powerful, that despite paid-off
politicians and billions of dollars in the war chest, Monsanto knows
that they’ve been outmatched. What we’re seeing now are the last,
desperate attempts to keep the general public from learning about the
manmade global disaster that was created by Monsanto.

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