monsanto named ‘company of the year’ by forbes magazine

monsanto named 'company of the year' by forbes magazinefrom kmox: St. Louis-based Monsanto has been named “2009 Company of the Year” by Forbes Magazine. The publication cites Monsanto‘s on-going work in the field of bio-engineering to improve crop yields and feed an ever-growing world population. Spokesman Darren Wallis says while chief executive Hugh Grant and everybody else at Monsanto are pleased with the honor, they remain focused on keeping their customers satisfied. “Mr. Grant has a great saying that we earn farmers’ business every spring at the kitchen table,” Wallis tells KMOX News. Forbes noted that Monsanto has been able to avoid the brunt of the Recession, earning more than $2 billion on revenue of $11.7 billion in fiscal ’09, with sales increasing at an annualized 18% clip over the last five years… read the full article on Forbes’ choice of Monsanto as the “2009 Company of the Year

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  1. timster Avatar

    pardon me while I puke…

  2. hairesis Avatar

    That's right !!!

    Nobel Prize, Man of the Year, Company of the Year

    2009 – Year of the GANGSTERS !!!

    Hard to top that one aye, but let's give em a chance to bloat a bit more before they fall…

    The crooks are showing their faces in public, I'm lovin it. No need to hide it anymore…

  3. Mike Avatar

    Our masters, the ruling elite, are flaunting their supreme overlordship very blatantly now. They must feel their stranglehold on the human race is unbreakable. I hope we can hold our breath for a while!

    To call this organized crime syndicate known as Mansanto the "company of the year" runs in tandem to giving a war mongering thief liar the Nobel Prize!

  4. mark Avatar

    I grew up outside St. Louis as a kid, and know
    first hand about Monsanto. As a kid we used to visit friends that lived near the plant.
    I can remember a giant metal fence they had that boardered the highway that was totally eaten to pieces by all the chemicals that
    were spewing into the local neighborhoods.
    Cars that drove by the plant on a regular basis
    had no paint job left on them. Company of the year????? I DON'T THINK SO!!! As I recall many
    people had health problems in the area, and
    they didn't give a crap. I believe people were strong armed then just like now by this company.

  5. Masher1 Avatar

    In the days coming using the old Russian method of BS control of turning backwards everything they read in their so called news will have renewed meaning. We can see in a vast majority of secretions of the modern Main Stream Media nothing makes sense unless flipped over 180 degrees. Orwellian newspeak is all we seem to be fed . I can sort it out. And if i can so will the majority. And when they GET IT look out all you slug types with the devil in your hearts. We will have our lives returned. We will have our JUSTICE handed down from the good lord himself without a doubt. Soon.

  6. lenny Avatar

    This company is ruled from Rome and is one of the most important weapons for Stumpy Ratzinger to use to cull the human herd.

  7. Celeste Avatar

    Monsanto truly doesn't care about the health of humanity. Monsanto only cares about how many billions of dollars they can make.

  8. natdrip Avatar

    I am all for bio-engeeniered food but there are a few conditions that must be met. First of all monsanto must get rid of all there destroyer seeds. Monsanto must pay back all the farmers it stole from this includes the extortion of millions through fake courts and bought judges. They must steer clear of all unethical behavior. only be involved in a peace orented product. no more chems for the military industrial complex.

    as for the bio-engineering the following must hold true:
    what ever is genetically made must not have a greater impact on the enviroment then the original product.
    It must taste just as good as the original.
    It must have the same or better nutritional value as the original.
    there must be some benifit for the world to grow the seeds. ie. faster growing, more resilliant to weather change, rezillaint to bugs…etc.

    get these things right and you will have a great company that the true people of this planet will adore.

  9. M Avatar

    LOL, is this for real. I mean when I first saw this I thought it was a joke! I cannot believe how bad America is getting.

  10. RYAN (7 Cauac) Avatar

    Yeah, I hear Kissinger is also sexiest man of the year!!!

    BTW, If "Good" is the intent, does the term TERMINATOR seed reflect that intent?!

    I'd rather starve.

  11. ABetterAlternative Avatar

    Paradoxity of life. …..where Henry Kissinger, Obama and other mass murderes get nobel peace prizes, then why the most evil corp. in the world wouldnt get this prize. If you cant laugh about it, you must be into conspiracy…..
    Monsanto hates the word HEMP!!!!!!! It could feed and save the world, but who wants that when we got bio engeeniring…..

  12. Lily Avatar

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