More calls for ban on food stamp fingerprinting in NY

from Governor Andrew Cuomo isn’t the only elected official opposed to fingerprinting food stamp recipients. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is joining a list of opponents who want the practice banned. De Blasio calls fingerprinting the less fortunate “inhumane.” He said if Mayor Michael Bloomberg does his research, he’ll see the policy doesn’t work. “The chief federal official in charge of the food stamp program has made abundantly clear that fingerprinting stigmatizes and interferes with the process of families getting food stamps. Why do we know this is true? Because every state in the country except for Arizona has ended this practice,” said de Blasio. Cuomo asked the city to end the policy in his State of the State address Wednesday, saying it’s a roadblock for families to get the help they need. Bloomberg said the policy is making sure food stamps only go to those who qualify.

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