more mumbai updates: foreknowledge, hoax call & double cover

cia foreknowledge of mumbai attacks
cia foreknowledge of mumbai attacksfrom 9/11 blogger: Yesterday [nov29], reported that the CIA’s station chief in Delhi approached one of India’s intelligence agencies, the Research and Analysis Wing, and passed on a fairly specific warning: “In mid-September this year, the CIA station chief in Delhi sought an urgent meeting with his counterpart in R&AW to pass on some critical inputs. This was part of an understanding that Indian and American intelligence had institutionalised in the aftermath of 9/11. From its assets in Pakistan and Afghanistan, American intelligence had come to learn that the Lashkar-e-Toiba was planning to launch a major terrorist attack in Mumbai, which would be carried out from the sea… By the middle of November, as Indian intelligence continued to check out further inputs, the pieces of an intricate jigsaw puzzle began to fall into place. Sources say they learnt that the attack would come from the sea and that the Taj Hotel would be a major target.” But the Hotel eased these security enhancements the week before the attack, according to the Chairman of the company that owned the Hotel where took the brunt of the attacks

US warned india in october of potential attack
from abc: U.S. intelligence agencies warned their Indian counterparts in mid-October of a potential attack “from the sea against hotels and business centers in Mumbai,” a U.S. intelligence official tells A second government source says specific locations, including the Taj hotel, were listed in the U.S. warning. One month later, Nov. 18, Indian intelligence also intercepted a satellite phone call to a number in Pakistan known to be used by a leader of the terror group, Lashkar e Taiba, believed responsible for the weekend attack, Indian intelligence officials say. The Indian intercept also revealed a possible sea-borne attack, the officials say.

we were trained by pak navy: captured terrorist
from india today: Azam Amir, the terrorist who was held by the Mumbai Police, has made some striking revelations regarding the Mumbai terror attacks. Azam has disclosed that the Pakistan Navy had trained the terrorists in boating and swimming to carry out the attacks in Mumbai. Azam was arrested on Wednesday from Girgaum Chowpatty in an encounter with the police. Ismail Khan, an accomplice of Amir, reportedly died in the gunbattle. Sources say Azam has also revealed that people from gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s gang helped the terrorists from Karachi in organising the attacks.

mumbai terrorists were aided by indian authorities
mumbai terrorists were aided by indian authoritiesfrom paul joseph watson: Numerous disturbing details now strongly indicate that the terrorists who indiscriminately slaughtered nearly 200 people in Mumbai were aided by some elements of the Indian security apparatus responsible for protecting the city. It has now been confirmed that the Indian security services received numerous precise warnings that terrorists were planning to arrive by sea and attack the Taj Mahal hotel, but if anything security was relaxed, allowing the terrorists to prolong the attack for days and not hours. The CIA’s station chief in Delhi told Indian intelligence in September that terrorists were planning to arrive via the sea and attack the Taj Mahal hotel with small arms and/or bombs. Security measures around the hotel were increased in response to the warning but relaxed just days before the attack. This was just one of a “series of warnings of a possible attack on Mumbai by sea in the months leading up to last week’s devastating onslaught,” reports AFP… As soon as attack in Mumbai began to unfold, despite confusion as to its perpetrators and its motive, U.S. aircraft carriers were moving towards the Pakistan border. As we predicted right from the beginning, no matter who the real perpetrators were, the attack was always going to be blamed on Pakistan as a means of re-igniting a nuclear cold war that reaped massive profits for the military-industrial complex who armed both sides the last time such tensions peaked at the start of the decade.

mumbai terror: evidence being deliberately ignored

‘accused is one of ours,’ india counterinsurgency agency says
from ap: One of the two Indian men arrested for illegally buying mobile phone cards used by the gunmen in the Mumbai attacks was a police officer who may have been on an undercover mission, security officials said yesterday in demanding his release. The arrests, announced in the eastern city of Calcutta, were the first since the bloody siege ended.

arrest provides more evidence india, israel & US behind mumbai attacks
arrest provides more evidence india, israel & US behind mumbai attacksfrom kurt nimmo: It is becoming increasingly a hard sell to pin the blame for the Mumbai attacks on Pakistan and thus set the stage for an attack on Pakistan after Barack Obama enters the White House in a few weeks. It now appears Indian intelligence played a large part in the terrorist attacks. On Saturday, the Associated Press reported that a “counterinsurgency police officer who may have been on an undercover mission” was arrested for illegally buying mobile phone cards used by the gunmen. The counterinsurgency operative, Mukhtar Ahmed, worked for the police in Indian Kashmir. “The implications of Ahmed’s involvement — that Indian agents may have been in touch with the militants and perhaps supplied the SIM cards used in the attacks — added to the growing list of questions over India’s ill-trained security forces, which are widely blamed for not thwarting the attacks,” reports the Associated Press. In other words, Indian intelligence had penetrated Lashkar-e-Taiba and ran a false flag operation through the terrorist group, putatively connected to Pakistan’s ISI.’s mumbai oddities

pakistan asserts ‘hoax’ war call was real
pakistan asserts 'hoax' war call was realfrom steve watson: Pakistani officials have asserted that the so called “hoax” phone call to its President Zardari on November 28, which threatened war in response to the Mumbai attacks, was in fact real and that Indian High Commission officials have since circulated a report in the media suggesting it was false. Pakistan Information and Broadcasting Minister Sherry Rehman has stated that the call was put out froma verified official Phone Number of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs”.

mumbai terror group trained american jihadists
mumbai terror group trained american jihadistsfrom danger room: A growing chorus of intelligence officials in the U.S. and in south Asia have pinned the Mumbai attacks on the Kashmir-based militants Lashkar-e-Taiba. But there’s been hardly any mention of the extremist group’s deep ties to American-based jihadists. Since 2003, at least five U.S. citizens have been convicted in federal court of conspiring to provide material support to Lashkar-e-Taiba. At least nine more men, considered to be in the same larger circle, have been convicted of firearms violations and other felonies. (A partial list is here.) Several other cases are still making their way through the legal process.

role of alleged cia asset in mumbai attacks being downplayed
from foreign policy journal: Recent press reports on developments with regard to last month’s attacks in Mumbai, India indicate the role of Dawood Ibrahim, a wanted crime boss, terrorist, and drug trafficker, is being downplayed, possibly the result of a deal taking place behind the scenes between the governments of the US, Pakistan, and India, to have others involved in the Mumbai attacks turned over while quietly diverting attention from a man who some say could reveal embarrassing secrets about the CIA’s involvement in criminal enterprises.

and winter patriot has an amazing 5-part (and counting) series of articles on the mumbai attacks, called ‘double cover’… part1: nothing can ever be the same * part2: what is a commando raid? * part3: what is a false flag attack? * part4: beyond ridiculous * part5: lining up the suspects *

update: ‘lone gunman’: mumbai confessions under torture

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