Moret: Japan Disaster Tectonic Nuclear Warfare – California Next

Moret: Japan Disaster Tectonic Nuclear Warfare – California NextRadiation expert Leuren Moret states, matter-of-factly, her conviction California to be next! Moret has repeated for years a FEMA announcement on Sept. 10, 2001 that ranked top three disasters likely to befall United States. Two on the list, a terrorist attack on New York and a hurricane in New Orleans have transitioned into realm of fact, both, HAARP-triggered according to Moret. The third is an earthquake in San Francisco near her home in the Bay Area. “Japan’s deadly game of nuclear roulette,” a 2004 Japan Times article by Moret, appears prophetic in its urgency and a must read.

An annotated diagram made by the independent scientist, at the time (pictured), shows the four tectonic plates Japan is perilously perched and locations of reactors. Moret believes main reason a volatile earthquake zone such as Japan has 52 plants, is simply “the power of gaiatsu”(foreign pressure). In recent article by Alfred Lambremont Webre, “Scientist: Japan earthquake, nuke ‘accident’ are tectonic nuclear warfare,” Moret relates, again, with calm conviction HAARP triggered Japan quake and points to circumstances. The 2006 sale of Rockefeller-controlled interests in the Japansese energy market to Hitachi represents a red flag. Why would they sell a lucrative business?

The present writer admires Moret’s courage to advance seemingly sci-fi concepts such as HAARP and scalar weaponry in open discussion. “A HAARP earthquake around the San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuclear plants in California could also be foreshadowed by the Japan HAARP earthquake, and be the 3rd event…”

The scientist, also observes, storage of spent fuel rods in cooling pools above each of the six reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plant“just complete insanity”–in must see companion video interview! Moret does not back away either from attributing comic book-style evil intent to perpetrators and believes, “…this is a new form of warfare, it’s much…more venal, malicious and deficient. We are now ruled and controlled by a totalitarian scientific oligarchy. It’s up to us to stop these people.”

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