msnbc: 24 is right-wing propaganda

from raw story: “Is FOX using fear of terror attacks in U.S. to get ratings?” asks MSNBC in a segment about popular TV series ’24.’

“Jack Bauer might be trying to save the world,” remarks the host about the show’s main character, played by Kiefer Sutherland, “but is Jack also a right-wing propagandist?”

After showing a clip from ’24’ featuring an enormous explosion as helpless characters look on in shock, a debate ensues between Congressional Quarterly‘s Craig Crawford and Joel Mowbray of as to whether the show is just entertainment or not-so-subtle right-wing propaganda.

Time recently reported that Vice President Dick Cheney is a fan of ’24.’

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    Readers will note with interest that Heritage Foundation dedicated a forum to discuss: “24” and America’s Image in Fighting Terrorism: Fact, Fiction, or Does it Matter? where, Rush Limbaugh recognised ’24’s producing team and its cast at the Heritage Foundation declaring:
    The ’24’s producer and director are one of the best creative folks who also happen to be the most conservative people.

    Following White House guidelines after Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay regarding what kinds of torture are officially acceptable, many have been struggling with the realization that the use of torture is no longer one of the ways by which you can recognize the bad guys. Not for Fox’s super spy opera star Sutherland’s Jack Bauer and his fellow agents, there’s never any question of civil liberties or other liberal wimpishness taking precedence over the urgency of their mission. For “24”s Producer, Creator and Writer, Joel Surnow, there’s no question that torture can be a legitimate counter-terrorism tool. It’s shocking to find this once-deplorable practice embedded in a TV drama, as if it’s routine enough to serve as a mere strand in TV’s entertainment mix, complains The Independent London. Interestingly, self-appointed Fox apologists such as Cliff Kincaid do not elaborate if their fondness for the serial is also an endorsement of the approaches advocated in pursuit of its objectives?

    Here’s the link to the event where the host from Heritage acknowledged Limbaugh’s share in the success of many in Washington.

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