msnbc: ron paul has become ‘an internet sensation’

from raw story: MSNBC’s David Shuster marvelled on Tuesday that anti-war libertarian Rep. Ron Paul “has managed to develop a huge fan base online … especially among college students” in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination.

There are almost 30,000 Ron Paul videos on YouTube, and Paul has more than 64,000 friends on MySpace. Many articles about Paul on Raw Story have received unusually high numbers of hits at story-recommending sites like Digg and Reddit, as well. (For example, Ron Paul: Republicans need Reagan’s courage, MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson invites Ron Paul to give ‘freedom tutorial’, and Ron Paul teams up with Dem candidate to end war.)

“I can’t explain it,” Paul told Shuster. “I’m bewildered but surprised and pleased as anybody else. But all I can say is maybe the message of liberty is very popular with young people.”

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  1. CPMCD2000 Avatar

    LOVE The site… just subscribed.

    AND as far as Ron Paul… he is slowly winning my heart – But I wonder if he is really leadership material.

    Anyway… my vote is stuck between him and Obama…

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